Grilled oyster from Cabo Corrientes with fennel and tomato salsa (4pzs.)

Foie gras terrine with late harvest jelly (80 grs)

Fresh salad of Stone crab meat with smoked chile-chipotle, crisp lettuce, wakame seaweed and pumpkin seed oil (120 grs)

Shrimp sautéed with garlic and chile on grilled romaine lettuce, with tomato & cactus leaf vinaigrette avocado and crisp tortilla (140grs.)

Mixed organic greens with avocado vinaigrette, cherry tomatoes, toasted sunflower seeds (120grs.)

Lebanese salad: baked beet slices whit parsley & marinated goat cheese (150grs.)

Beef carpaccio with aged balsamic vinegar and shaved parmesan cheese 120grs.)

Cilantro-ginger marinated calamari with smoked tomato & jalapeño salsa and avocado (120grs.)


Seafood soup with pesto (250ml.)

Tomato soup with mozzarella and croutons (240ml)

Capeletti in brodo: Country soup with veal-mushroom tortellini, zucchini & provolone cheese (240ml)


Ricotta spinach ravioli with sun-dried tomato coulis (180grs./360grs.)
$210 / $345

Pappardelle: with garlic shrimp, tomatoes & fresh basil (120grs./220grs.)
$265 / $395

Ravioli of minted sweet peas with big blue pacific shrimp and sea urchin sauce (180grs/ 360 grs)
$295 / $495

Spaghetti al nero di seppia: with grilled bay scallops and calamari, fusion of lemon, habanero chile & extra olive virgin oil, caramelized tomato (180grs/ 360 grs)
$265 / $415


Chile roasted red snapper fillet, ratatouille vegetables, lime-cilantro salsa (120 grs. / 220 grs.)
$295 / $445

Pan roasted white fish filet with garlic and parsley, muscatel wine sauce, French spinach, and sweet corn polenta and sauce provincial (220 grs.)

Shrimp Galician style, sautéed with garlic, paprika, brandy on sweet corn and tender cabbage with green Pasilla peppers and anis-cardamom oil (120grs./220grs.)
$375 / $545

Grilled Atlantic Salmon with pilaf of eggplant and almonds, red curry tomato salsa and sauteed brussel sprounts(120grs./220grs.)
$320 / $495


Half chicken roasted with chile-lime rub, grilled country vegetables and quinoa tabulé (330grs.)

Rabbit roasted with aromatic herbs and red wine on Italian vegetable with beans, garlic parsley sauce (280grs.)

Beef tenderloin with red wine onion, garlic vegetables and baby potato, black pepper sauce (150grs./275grs.)
$395 / $545

Garlic, ginger, rosemary roasted rack of lamb on Greek briam of roasted vegetables, mint sauce, arugula roasted potatoes (150grs./360 grs.)
$395 / $620

Slow braised Veal with aromatic herbs, grilled italian artichokes & portobello mushroom and rosemary potatoes (220grs.)

Prices displayed on national currency, subject to change without prior notice. Taxes included.