Chef Bernhard Güth,

Comida Mediterránea

Born November 3rd, 1966, Bernhard started out as a cook apprentice in his home town Breisach am Rhein between Alsace and the Black Forest in Germany. His Career took a spin when he entered the world of the top European restaurants at this time, Gualtiero Marchesi. Italy, Tantris with Heinz Winckler, München ,Germany to mention a few.

Not satisfied with the old world cuisine 1991 he moved to NYC where he got a Chef  position at Bouley Restaurant in Tribeca . As the Chef in ’92 then opened up a small Bistro Called “Jean Claude”in Sullivan Street Soho.”  It was an incredible creative time for me: no rules only  flavors”

Always hungry for new experiences he was eager to learn about “Latin food” which he found in the Bronx markets.

So in 1993  Bernhard went to Puerto Vallarta what he thought for a few months to learn some Spanish and see first hand Mexican country food…..

Since Jan 1997 Bernhard was constructing his small down town eatery. and Trio  opened on the 14 August the same Year. Since then it receives abundant praise for his outstanding interpretation of Mediterranean cuisine with Mexican spice.

Now after living  more than half of his professional career in Puerto Vallarta, it is sometimes so hard to tell what makes Bernhard’s cooking so pleasant, Is it the new approach to traditional Mexican dishes or is it the eclectic rave of unknowing ingredients and flavors prepared with the Mediterranean classic roots?

His actual Business partner Ulf Henrikkson joints the team in 2001 and by 2003 there new concept of Vitea ocean front Bistro was ready to go. An fresh light affaire of inspired by the French Riviera .

These two Restaurants make an important contribution to the driving Puerto Vallarta Restaurant scene, and Chef Bernhard wine matching dinners, out his cellar of over 300 selections, are a special passion of him

Bernhard wife Lourdes supports there business a great deal and hopefully soon there two young boys will follow here fathers in the kitchen to cook Mediterranean food cooked with love.